To the Commission on Misery

Misiferic Art Consortium
666 Accursed Vestibule
Sixth Circle, HLL

To the Commission on Misery:

On November 9, 2013, Junior Tempter Ydolem was arrested and charged by the Tartaras Task Force of two charges: allowing Serenity of Soul and Conciliatory Friendship through music among those belonging to the Enemy’s “Church.” In accordance with He Who Must Not Be Questioned’s Personnel Management System, Ydolem has been placed on Suspension without Pay until the investigation is completed and a Grand Jury is decided on an indictment. I have received a letter from the District Attorney’s office stating that Ydolem has already been indicted by the Damnation County Superior Court Grand Judy. Here is what we know thus far from cited sources among Enemy Sympathizers:

  1. Sung Psalms bring serenity of soul
  2. The so-called Author of Peace calms the bewildering thoughts we seek to create
  3. Additionally, a softening of wrath leading to conciliatory thoughts arises from this music
  4. When done in groups, it brings harmonious union and even charity
  5. This charity is impenetrable, even by seasoned tempters
  6. The voice of the so-called “Church” is strengthened

Because Ydolem has allowed the above (and it remains to be seen how much more), and because of his recent position as a second lieutenant, and because of the severity of the charges and the recent indictment, this is just cause for termination effective today, November 13, 2013.

Ydolem is no longer authorized to contract with the Commission for the Destruction of Sacred Sounds.  I will let the Standing Committee know that his contract has been discontinued.

Ydolem has no rights to appeal anything.

Yours most miserably,