Beware the Power of the Image

Dear Parents of our Most Precious Commodities,

I do not have much to tell you this week. Perdita’s latest report from the School of Dust and Ashes (that’s my new name for it – isn’t it clever!) is of such antiquated idiocy that it is hardly worth mentioning. The school children were taken off to an “art” exhibit which featured Christian art – mostly from the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was a time of a few steps in the movement toward throwing off the shackles of the religious tyranny of Christians in Europe, but in the area of art it remained deeply mired in the dark ages of Christian religiosity.

I think the way forward here (cast the past!) is simply to ignore it. If you just walk right by and don’t allow your children to be drawn in by these kinds of paintings, you can protect them from malign influences. I fear the children from the classical Christian School (dust and ashes, dust and ashes) are very far gone. I am deeply discouraged. Their young psyches may never recover from this terrible indoctrination.

These desperate children were perfectly mesmerized by certain paintings. There was a mother holding very young boy child on her lap, with another equally young boy wrapped in fur sitting beside them. Both boys have their hands on an oddly shaped thin stick with another stick-like piece near the top perpendicular to it. All three are gazing at this stick, and the children were told that this painting tells a long and convoluted fairytale story of the sort that I can’t bear to repeat, but it involves truly gory details of painful deaths. One has to recognize, Dear Parents, that children are especially sensitive to the notions they are exposed to and so very easily influenced by them. You want, above all, to protect them from the perils of Renaissance art, particularly of this sort – it has a dangerous power to teach them silly notions and to captivate young hearts.

I really don’t want to dwell on this, because it is so very painful for me and surely for you Dear Parents as well. I trust my readers to be the kind of people who want to see their children prosper and succeed. Keep those ideas always before your mind: Prosperity and Success! They will see you through these difficult moments.

This painting – I want to explain how and why it is dangerous, but I start gagging when I try. I feel this huge weight of excruciating gut-wrenching misery descend on me. But it is also so crucial to your children’s ultimate future that I must make the end justify the means. By Satan this is hard!

Dear Parents, save your children from these gruesome images! You don’t want your babies thinking about death and sacrifice, heads chopped off and a man hanging on a cross! Show them instead images of happy children playing with bright, colorful toys that move and captivating make sounds. They will desire these things that will keep them busy and distracted, and you can save them from the horrors of religion. Keep their minds on material things that they can manipulate, and keep them away from Renaissance images that will steal their souls!

The good news is that this kind of art is no longer being created in our enlightened modern age, but beware the real dangers of the past.

Turpia Corrumpior