At The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, we often feel hard-pressed to find new ways of setting the goals of classical education in front of parents. However, we heard a Mars Hill Audio interview with Wheaton College President Philip Ryken and Associate Professor of English Jeffry Davis on their book, Liberal Arts for the Christian Life, and in the interview, Dr. Ryken lists the following seven characteristics as ideal for a child’s full development and preparation for the kind of education we want to provide:

1.  a home that celebrates the reading of imaginative literature
2.  a life filled with singing and music
3.  exposure to visual arts
4.  regular direct encounter with the natural world
5.  a church family which acknowledges and affirms a wide range of callings as legitimate
6.  a life filled with models of faithful Christian (dead or alive)
7.  a home with lively dinner table discussion

Then came the idea: what if we started a blog in the spirit of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters in which seven different Academy instructors choose one of the above characteristics and blog about it during the school year? The title tips a hat to Lewis’ “Screwtape Proposes a Toast,” in the December 1959 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, and we hope to do right by our old friend Jack.