Asabrax is Director of the On Earth as it is Below Institute for the Corruption of the Natural Nature Inclinations. He began his career as a mere messenger when the Institute was then known simply as the Gnosis Center, first coming to the blessed notice of Our Father Below during the early years after that event the Enemy calls the Victory. Asabrax displayed an early aptitude at taking the vile doctrines of the Enemy and from them fashioning the beauty of half-truths and hidden heresies. He has remained with the Institute through its many iterations, rising in both the esteem of Our Father Below and, we believe, in the estimation of the Enemy, who must see Asabrax’s influence in the continuing acceptance, even popularity, of dualism among his followers.

Gradgrind is a Junior Tempter in the Department for the Encouragement of Crudity and Boorishness. He graduated summa cum laude from the Tempters’ Training College, and went on to a postgraduate research fellowship in materialist and utilitarian philosophy. Gradgrind was distinguished for his work in 19th-century Europe, where his efforts came to the attention of the Victorian novelist, Charles Dickens, who paid homage to him in the novel, Hard Times. In addition to his active tempting duties, he is Assistant Professor of Cultural Debasement at the Tempters’ Training College. Grandgrind’s current interests lie in the nexus between the destruction of attention span and advanced distraction techniques.

Graap is Associate Chancellor of Hell and alone is trusted by Lucifer to administrate the most well-funded think-tank, Tartarus: S.M.A.L.L. (Sentimental Music And Lousy Lyrics). Because of the supreme threat of music to the Miserific vision, Lucifer personally funded Graap’s way through the Honors College of Tempter’s Training College for Young Devils when he saw the promising lad (which quite reminded him of his own gifts) practicing his lessons from the tempting primers. Dr. Slubgob, Principal, considers him among his finest graduates.

Malecor (a.k.a. Turpia Corrumpior) rose to preeminence among the disciples of Screwtape after the disastrous demise of Screwtape’s nephew, Wormwood. His studies include advanced degrees in both Mental Infiltration, particularly in the area of Obsession Insertion, and also in Demonic Possession of Human Inventions, specializing in the penetration of digital technology. He has developed and jealously guards a method to invade the human Blogosphere for the purpose of mass inculcation, and has assumed the persona of Turpia Corrumpior so that he can fine tune his work, focusing on the spread of disinformation and boondoggelry among parents in the area of the education of children. Malecor is envied by the entire Screwtape School for this original work, but in the extreme selfishness for which he is much admired, refuses to divulge his techniques to the greater devilish community.

Malvocatus Decipio von Subruo is young but talented, charged with promoting an untrue understanding of education and its goals. He is recently graduated from Temptors Training College, where he earned his BS in Educational Mismanagement. Upon graduation, he immediately joined the work force to become a productive member of society. He was hired by the illustrious educational firm of Apollyon & Co. to conduct entries into the realm of education, with a specific charge to overturn a distressing resurgence of the Enemy’s vision of education. Malvocatus looks to recover the Temptors of education before moving on to more education to become Head Educational Temptor and finally live the good life.

Nargill has been tasked with the destruction of any sort of laudible dinner table conversation and its ensuing pleasures and knowledge. Whether it be the re-telling of classic tales and historical battles, the regaling of hysterical school time or outdoor adventures, the building of family tradition, or moral and character instruction, he despises it. Friendships between siblings make him shudder; it is a horror second only to respect from children for parents. Fresh off a battlefield victory from a family in New Jersey, Nargil has seen the success of techniques such as distraction, rivalry, jealousy, pride, and trivial and private pursuits. He is also thrilled to introduce common new technology to his arsenal such as the iPhone, individual microwave dinners,  and headphones. He offers master classes on Tuesday evenings on thrilling topics such as  “How to Inspire Ire: The Eye Roll, Pursed Lip, and Refusal to Speak in Your Teen,” and “Five-Minute Dinners: 25 Ways to Ensure A Family Meal Will Be Over Before it Even Begins.”

Oleandra is a Junior Tempter very eager to draw young women into the Tempter’s snares. She enjoys research and anything she can find to dash the girls’ hope in the Enemy, but she revels in making them lose hope in there being something for them to do for him. Undermining their respect for and access to strong female exemplars—both those in their lives and those in their books—Oleandra’s first line of attack is to keep the girls away from any such book that shows a woman being blessed to work for the Enemy. Though eager for her work, Oleandra has had some setbacks along the way (hence, the *junior* title). She once was in charge of a younger sister of no real talent or resolve—you may have heard of Corrie ten Boom—and that failure cost her fifty earth years in the abyss. However, she is newly-released, and she hopes to make no such error in her new assignment.